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Collaboration on Science-hack projects

I devise quite a few inventive and innovative ideas on a regular basis. While I make a note of most inventions and innovations, which are subsequently filed away for future investigation, for the odd one or two I open a project folder, for further development beyond an initial idea.

I was watching Click on Saturday 4th February via BBC iPlayer catching up on the past few weeks I had missed, and I saw an excerpt on a story about start-up company Makani Power who have created a flying kite that produces electricity; they are funded by Google and the US Department of Energy.

I was fairly shocked to see this latest kite idea for electrical generation, as I also have had for several years a similar idea to use a kite for electrical generation. However my initial shock occurred during November 2010 when I was watching Wallace & Gromit’s World Of Invention on BBC and learnt about the “Magenn” project.

I have learnt that often when one comes up with a new idea, invention or innovation, there will be several other people around the world who will also come up with a similar idea, invention or innovation. The success of turning an idea from paper into a working model or usable technology can be a complicated and prolonged process. Having good ideas is one thing, turning them into practical usable machinery, processes, or other such useful paraphernalia can be a challenge, but often an exciting one. Continue reading


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