ZX Spectrum celebrates 30 years

With a plethora of articles celebrating the launch of the ZX Spectrum,  a 8-bit home computer with 16K or 48K RAM models launched 30 years ago, I thought I would also mention the anniversary of such an iconic machine.

The ZX Spectrum’s 30th anniversary coincided with St. George’s Day 2012 in England. Google produced a Google ‘doodle’ to commemorate both events on Monday 23rd April.

Google doogle of ZX Spectrum 30th anniversary on St. George's Day
St. George & ZX Spectrum 2012 – Image © Google

I have previously mentioned the ZX Spectrum in articles about the Raspberry Pi and computer programming. I remember loading games such as Atic Atac, JetPac, Knight Lore, Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg, et. al., through a compact cassette tape (a thin plastic ream magnetically coated to record sound on) which stored computer programmes, as well as entering thousands of lines of code to create programmes supplied in books and computing magazines such as Sinclair User. The ZX Spectrum still lives on, thanks to coders who produce emulators like Fuse.

For me as for many Brits I would guess, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Acorn Electron/BBC Micro and many other 8-bit computers started a revolution through home computing; something that one hopes the Raspberry Pi will kick-start again after a 16 year hiatus within the UK, and I suspect many other countries around the world since the rise of the PC.

If you have ordered a Raspberry Pi or are on a waiting list, you may like to check out a collaborative ‘fanzine’ offering called MagPi!