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Forest oil foraging

Climate scientists and certain quarters of the media have good political reasons to keep debates alive on climate change. There is strong scientific evidence that the use of fossil fuels contributes towards rising CO² emissions. This on the whole is not necessarily a bad thing, if additional CO² gets soaked-up. However if extra CO² remains in the atmosphere, its presence acts like a reflective thermal blanket, trapping in additional heat that would normally seep into space; mostly as infrared radiation.

On July 12, 2008, the Guardian reported the latest action motivated by profit within the province of Alberta in Canada. The article entitled “Canadians ponder cost of rush for dirty oil“, focuses on the shocking news of destroying ancient wood-land forests, in order to extract tar from its soil for the production of oil at a great ecological cost to the environment. A consequence of felling ancient forests is that oxygen production is reduced. Continue reading


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