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A new definition of space-time?

What is space-time?

Well we all know of its description in terms of Einstein’s Special and General Relativity papers, not to mention countless other interpretations and further work to Einstein’s original thought experiments, from John Archie-ball Wheeler through to modern-day scientists such as Kip Thorn, Paul Davies, Michio Kaku, Roger Penrose and Stephen W. Hawking, to name a few.

But none of these great minds, as far as I am aware, have come up with a physical tangible non-mathematical description. The closest we have describes space-time akin to a 2 dimensional rubber sheet where planets and stars glide across the top of it. Modern day computer graphics can provide images of 6 dimensional space manifolds, but these are still represented on 2 dimensional paper; no element of time is represented pictorially. Continue reading


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Time Machines and the Universal co-ordinate system

This is a new version from the submitted article by myself 14857 of Subject: Time Travel, is it spatial relocation? The title of this document is: Time Machines and the Universal co-ordinate system.

Please note: I have posted and email several people with material that is contained within this documentation during 1995. The first draft was produced in May 1995 and the final draft was completed on 21st of November 1995.

Copyright Notice © 1996

This document, including all of its parts, is not in the public domain and is the intellectual property, Copyright © 1996. Permission to distribute the parts of this document that are mine, not including the quoted material, in its entirety (unedited and including this copyright notice) is permitted, provided that no fees are charged for the reproduction and distribution of the material with the exception of any fee necessary for the transmission of this information in any format or by any means of dissemination. Any necessary fee covers categories such as: reproduction on a photocopier, scanner, or any other means of reproduction; and the distribution by any means. The use of external material within this document for referencing or other purposes which belongs to and is copyrighted and/or registered trademarks of those respective owners, is the property of those owners. © Continue reading

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What if…

Question: Is it possible to survive the Grandfather Paradox? What If…

Since quantum mechanics is governed by probabilities, an unmeasured entity (in this case, your historical grandfather) has numerous probable states. When that entity is measured, the number of its probable states singularities (analogous to a psi wave in a world-history line), resulting in a single outcome; in this case, ultimately, you. Therefore since the outcome of your grandfather is known, killing your grandfather would be incompatible with that outcome. Thus, the outcome of one’s trip backwards in time must be complementary with the state from which one left.

What if the Grandfather paradox only works in a system (a reference frame) that is local to the entropy state of that local reference frame’s state of knowledge, i.e., what if, the information of what happened with say a history of a grandfather relative is lost (or older ancestor), either information becomes dispersed and forgotten with time or information within a short period is being trapped by a black-hole. So lets suppose that if this information is lost and no living person or system state has a record of a grandfather or older relative. If you went back in time and killed them, not knowing that they were your grandfather, you would cease to exist?

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